People living with spirits in their houses share what lockdown has been like

People living with spirits in their houses share what lockdown has been like

Had to put up with an annoying sibling/partner/housemate in lockdown?

Spare a thought for the people who have been living with spirits in their house.

With the nation being at home more than ever before, some people have noticed they’re not the only ones occupying their four walls.

Sam Bennetts is an individual who has experienced new activity in her house during lockdown. She lives in Feltham with her husband and youngest children.

The mum-of-seven has been working with spirits her entire life and has even done a seance on Zoom during lockdown.

‘I’m actually a spiritual medium/clairvoyant medium and I do a lot of work in that line anyway,’ she tells

Since lockdown started, Sam says her family have been experiencing the presence of a new spirit – a young boy between six and nine years old.

‘I lost a little boy who would be eight now, so we don’t know whether it’s him working us out,’ Sam explains.

‘It was my 13-year-old who saw him first. She was in her bedroom when she first saw him and he was standing at her door and then hid. He’s done that quite a few times, but he’s now made his way downstairs.

‘He’s been making his presence known, but not enough for us to know who he is, or why he’s here. He’s very inquisitive and wanting us to know that he’s there, but then hiding – like a kid would be.

‘He does look similar to my family, I’m not going to lie.’

Sam says she started seeing the little boy towards the end of March and the beginning of April – just a few weeks before the anniversary of her son’s death, on 18 April.

‘That’s why we do think it’s possibly him,’ she adds.

‘We are just hoping we get a lot more, but we’ve got to give him time – he might have been hanging around for eight years you know.

‘At the same time, he’s probably just getting to know us. He might not have visited anyone or seen anyone before.

‘He’s just here on and off all the time. Every couple of days we are seeing him. We’ll just be watching TV and all of a sudden we’ll see him on the stairs – but he spends a lot of time upstairs near my daughter’s bedroom.’

But the latest activity doesn’t come as a shock to Sam.

She’s had both positive and negative interactions with spirits over the years.

Sam adds: ‘I’ve been beaten up black and blue. I’ve been strangled where I couldn’t breathe and I was fighting off something that was a dark mass – something that had muscles. I’d probably say it was three to four feet wide and touching the ceiling – outlined like a human but more hazed over the top, more like an arch.

‘In the same bedroom I’ve had bottles of perfume thrown off the window sills and smashed at my head.’

So the new lockdown spirit seems pretty harmless in comparison.

Mart Cooper is another person experiencing supernatural happenings at the moment.

He moved into a new property back in March – just before lockdown started – and says activity has progressed from small things to much larger incidents.

‘I’ve only been in the property for four months and literally since day one activity was starting – but it’s always gradual. It always starts like creaks and knocks and I’m not one of those people who jump at those, so I usually just ignore it,’ Mart said.

‘But then it got more. The most recent thing was when I was doing a Facebook Live on my phone and it flew off the side. And I don’t mean it just fell off, it flew to the left as if someone had thrown it which was strange.

‘So everybody saw it – I had to pick my phone up and was really confused.’

Similar to Sam, Mart believes the spirit could be his daughter, who passed away shortly after she was born.

He adds: ‘I’ve had a lot of people who have passed in my life, the main one would be my eldest daughter.

‘She would have been 11 in November, but she only lived for one hour. Since she passed things seem to have gone tenfold.

‘I’m not saying it’s her that is causing the activity but it just seems to be everywhere I go – like homes that I’ve moved from or friends houses that I visit – things seem to get more active.’

However, Mart doesn’t think an increase in activity is happening as a result of lockdown – he believes people are just encountering it more, being at home.

He adds: ‘I don’t personally think there is more activity in lockdown, or the dark, I think it’s because people are in lockdown and stuck in their four walls and are bored. So they are noticing more.’

Lauren Jones, a support worker, says she has had a lot of spirits turn up in her house since the nation went into lockdown.

She lives in Herefordshire with her mother Clare – who works as a care worker. The pair are also supernatural mediums.

Lauren says: ‘We’ve had shadows at the bottom of the stairs and footsteps going up the stairs – we’ve seen shadows whilst in the kitchen and the living room.

‘There was also one night when I got up to go to the loo and got back into bed and it sounded like someone was trying to put a plug into the socket, but there wasn’t one there.

‘So the next day when I got up, we did a bit of research on it and it was a spirit of a lady who wanted to go towards the light and cross over.

‘It was basically trying to tell me that it wanted to go to the light by making a noise that the socket would make.’

This isn’t the only encounter Lauren has faced in lockdown.

She adds: ‘We’ve had a man show himself through incense smoke, too.

‘My mum was going upstairs and looked back and she saw a man through the smoke stood at the end of the room. We have also had photos being moved and objects.

‘We’ve definitely had a lot more activity whilst being in the house.’

Lauren adds that spirits have even followed Clare home from work.

Lauren: ‘She’s brought things back with her – we had a man come back with her and it turned out there was an old TB hospital not far from where she’d picked him up and he had come home with her so he could be helped.’