Model who spent £7k a month on beauty treatments says lockdown has changed her

Model who spent £7k a month on beauty treatments says lockdown has changed her

Amanda Lauren is a model who has graced the covers of Maxim France and Playboy Sweden, so it’s only natural that she’d be more concerned about her appearance than the average person.

However, the bills she’s been racking up due to numerous beauty treatments are something even the more image-conscious among us would wince at.

Each month, she spends £7,100 on various treatments such as hair, nails, and skincare, not including the yearly £5,000 to £8,000 a year that goes on cosmetic surgery.

Since lockdown she’s saved over £21,000 on cosmetics alone.

London-based Amanda has vowed that once lockdown is lifted and we’re all back to normal she doesn’t plan on going back to her old ways, and has set herself a limit of £100 a month on beauty.

What Amanda spends on beauty a month
£400 on Mani/Pedi
£1000 on hair colouring
£1200 on hair blowouts
£500 on counter makeup applications
£1000 on skincare facials
£1000 on skincare, makeup & hair products
£2000 on injectables
Amanda says: ‘Pre lockdown I would have a full-service manicure and pedicure every two weeks. When getting hair and beauty treatments I used to only go to the best places (review-wise) regardless of cost.’

When Amanda needed her makeup done she would visit an MUA, and her hair alone cost up to £1,500 in blow-dries and colouring at the most high-end salons.

Another big cost is injectibles, which could set Amanda back up to £2,000 a month depending on where she went to get them done.

As with many non-essential businesses, all of these places shut their doors when the pandemic hit.

This forced Amanda to scale back her beauty regime, instead opting for the natural look.

Noticing the huge amount of money she’d saved – as well as the fact she’s really enjoyed a different style – Amanda has vowed to curb her spending dramatically in future.

‘The time off from my beauty regime has allowed me to do a lot of self-reflection on the inside as well as the outside,’ says Amanda.

‘I thought there would be a drastic change without my extensive beauty regime but there hasn’t been.

‘Cost aside, I much prefer the natural look now and I am now a big fan of real natural beauty. Overall I feel much better for it and I am so glad I have had this opportunity to hit pause on all treatments.

‘Before I was spending a lot to maintain “The Natural Look”, but in reality, the real natural look works better for me.’

Amanda says that her skin has actually become clearer without the products she was using before, and without colouring and blow-dries her hair is longer and stronger than it’s ever been.

She will occasionally get highlights in her hair after lockdown eases, and will get a mani/pedi every few weeks as well as a monthly facial. However, she will be conscious of the money she’s spending, as well as whether the treatments make her feel her best self.

The model has also vowed to start regular face and hair masks and oils, keeping her skin and hair as well-conditioned as they have been a top priority.

‘I am going to manage my budget as I am just simply not interested in any of the services I was having previously,’ says Amanda.

‘I have realized that focusing on my fitness, health, and inner-self is a wiser longer-term investment than the quick fix treatments I was having previously.‘