What you are saying

Received Jan. 18, the day after the School Board voted to retain a traditional calendar for 2006-2007:
Dear Steering Committee,

A big thanks to all of you for assembling a "rapid response team" to challenge the sudden appearance of the balanced calendar initiative this past December.  Last night's approval of a traditional calendar by the school board for 2006-07 is a testament not only to your reasonable and persuasive defense of our traditional calendar, but also to the remarkable speed at which the grassroots committee was organized.  On behalf on parents and students who appreciate all you do, bravo.

As one of many parents, I am very much opposed to the Balanced Calendar concept and I would like to thank you once again for taking a leadership role in defeating (at least for now) the Balanced Calendar idea.

I was one of many in attendance last evening – wearing red.  Thanks to your efforts, leadership and communications, I would probably have not been aware that the Balanced Calendar was being proposed until it was too late.

Thank you – and I’ll continue to support any effort to oppose the Balanced Calendar in Williamson County.


An email we received Jan. 14:

As I was trying once more to try to understand why there is ANY incentive to change the traditional calendar, I was reminded of the New Coke debacle.  Coke had a perfectly good and successful product, but for some unknown reason felt they had to change it. Maybe a few more people might be happier with a new flavor; maybe someone just felt change in and of itself was a good thing; maybe someone thought change was a necessary element of growth; maybe a faulty survey was misread that lead decicion makers to think a large portion of the market wanted the change.  

So Coke spent all this time and money to make this big change and it was a disaster.  A classic case of bad decision making, leading to even more time and money being spent to reintroduce Coke Classic. Can't our school boards and calendar committees learn from Coca-cola's mistake?  We don't want or need a "new" calendar - why don't we save everyone a lot of time, money, trouble and headaches and just keep the traditional "classic" calendar?

I'll see everyone on
Tuesday wearing my red!  Thanks for all you are doing - Betsy Davies