This site and all the other materials and labor it takes to maintain our campaign are paid for by donations of time, services and money from the steering committee. We do not have a treasurer or a CCC bank account. Individuals have paid directly from their own pockets to providers of services or material. For example:

** Two CCC business owners paid for the WWTN radio spot we ran the week of Jan. 9, one with cash and the other by donating ad time his business had already purchased.

** The costs of photocopying flyers and buying brochures was paid for directly by CCC members.

** The cost of renting the kiosk in Cool Springs Galleria mall was donated by CCC members.

** We have spent literally thousands of manhours in voluntary labor. Two CCC members donated web server space and web site construction skills, one when the blog was first established and the other when we moved to hosting by

If you would like to donate time, labor or money, please send us an email to let us know! We will gladly accept! We have no way to accept contributions of money to the CCC itself, but will be able to advise you on directly paying a vendor when the need next arises. As for professional skills or non-monetary resources, we will be happy to include you!